July 26, 2020

From Enthusiasm to Evangelism

From Enthusiasm to Evangelism

Simon believed Jesus Christ would deliver his people from the Roman rule. But the Lord knew better, He deliver His people from a death and sin. Just like Simon, we often learn that God has a greater plan for us than we do. When we put our faith and trust in the Lord, he is always there for us.

Order of Worship:

Meet the Disciple: Simon the Zealot

Prelude Music: Judith Henry “Open the Eyes of My Heart”

Hymn of Praise: “Standing on the Promises” #552 (1 & 4)

Invocation and Lord’s Prayer

Solo: Janice Cord “He touched Me”

Message: Simon the Zealot “From Enthusiasm to Evangelism”

The Lord’s Supper

Closing Hymn: “I Love to Tell the Story” #480 (1 & 2)


Postlude: Judith Henry “I’m Gonna Sing”