Come journey together . . .

Welcome to Covenant Christian Church, where everyone is invited to come journey together!  I hope you hear in those words the invitation that is extended . . . to join a journey with fellow travelers.


You may notice that we are spiritual seekers, growing in our love of God, deepening our connections and sharing our passion with the world.  Sharing the journey together doesn’t mean we always agree and it certainly doesn’t mean that we have the answers.  But it does mean that we are searching, seeking, striving and sharing along the way.  God is good, and we believe that growing with God is always good, even when it’s hard!

Welcome Statement

As God’s grace is present in all creation, our welcome is extended to all spiritual seekers – people of all races, all ethnic backgrounds, all generations, all physical and mental abilities, all economic conditions, all gender identities, all sexual orientations – celebrating the diversity of our faith journeys. We affirm the faith, baptism and spiritual gifts of all and invite you to bless this church with your presence and service.

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, you are welcome here!  So please join us.  Explore our website and and you will hopefully get a sense of what’s important to us:

  • Sharing time together in worship, prayer, meditation, and study (the journey up).

  • Growing in knowledge of self and deepening our relationships with others through small groups, educational and fellowship opportunities (the journey in).

  • Sharing with the world our passion for justice and peace. Because it’s just too good to keep to ourselves, we share God’s love with the world through many outreach efforts, locally and globally (the journey out).

I hope to see you on the journey,

Grace and Peace,

Loren Strait

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