New Labyrinth brochure


On Good Friday, 2011 Covenant dedicated a Reconciliation Labyrinth. The labyrinth, the seventh of it’s kind in the United States, was built using a copyright design by Clare Wilson from South Africa.

Ms Wilson has the following to say about her creation. We each come from…..”different directions and from the different experiences that shape our beings. The Reconciliation Labyrinth is designed with two entrances, recognizing that as South Africans because of apartheid we do not start  the journey toward reconciliations from the same place. Like the ‘person’ embedded into the design, the journey starts from where ones\’s feet are. No matter how far about we start however. with the intention to related, to recognize and reconcile our differences and to grow in the strength of our diversity, we can still make a start on our journeys toward that mythical place, a South Africa whee people really care about each other and what life’s experiences have done to us.

Everyone is invited to come journey together

There is no wrong way to walk a labyrinth but many may find it helful to envision the walk as a threefold path:


Journey in the walk to to the center, quieting or emptying yourself, letting go of the details of everyday live, struggling with a life challenge.

Journey up (Resting in the Center) time spent in the center meditation, praying or simply being of open mind and heart to receive whatever gift or insight may be present.

Journey out the walk from the center may be experienced as awareness of a deep connection or communion with God, the  Holy Spirit, or with Sacred energy at work in the world. Others may feel centered, peaceful or renewed to journey back into challenges in their life and the world  (Adapted from Robert Ferre’ of Labyrinth Enterprises)

Below, members of our Wednesday centering prayer group walk a labyrinth offsite as a communal prayer practice.